Elections matter. The people we elect to represent us – from the White House to the State House to City and Town Council – hold tremendous power or can threaten to protect our natural resources. 

We can only elect environmentally responsible candidates across the state with your vote! 

Whom should I vote for?

Every election year, we endorse candidates whom we expect to be environmental champions as well as ballot measures that protect and restore New Jersey’s environment. 

When do I vote?

Deadline to register to vote in the general election is: October 13, 2020

Vote in the general election: November 3, 2020

Where do I vote?

Look up your polling place

I’m not able to vote on Election Day. Can I vote early or vote by absentee?

Early in-person voting is not allowed in New Jersey, but the law permits a voter to request a mail-in ballot through your county clerk’s office. To receive your ballot by mail, your application must be received by the county clerk 7 days prior to the election. Vote.org has created an online form to make this process even easier. You may also apply in person at the county clerk and pick up your ballot from the board of elections. In most counties, the clerk’s office is near the board, making this early voting option more feasible. 

Ballots must be received by the county board of elections by the close of poll on election day, either by mail or by dropping off the ballot in person.

Early voting starts as soon as ballots are available. The exact start times vary by county, so it's best to call your Local Election Office and ask.