Elections matter. The people we elect to represent us – from the White House to the State House to City and Town Council – hold tremendous power to advance environmental conservation or can threaten natural resource protections. With your vote and support, we can elect environmentally responsible candidates across the state! 

We also believe that a free, fair, and equitable political process is essential to advancing protections that are critical to our health, our environment, and future generations. To achieve this, we must ensure that all people can safely participate in our elections and actively combat voter suppression tactics that most often target people of color.

Every election year, we endorse candidates whom we expect to be environmental champions as well as ballot measures that protect and restore New Jersey’s environment. See which candidates we have endorsed for the 2020 election and who won their races.

Key Election Dates

May 18 - Deadline to register to vote in the primary

June 8 - Primary Election Day

November 2 - General Election Day