The quality of our natural resources directly impacts the health and wellness of our families, our communities and our natural areas. And, unfortunately, those resources are facing some serious challenges here in New Jersey.

From contaminated drinking water to out of control air pollution to attacks on our most cherished parks and natural areas, our state is no longer a leader in protecting our open spaces, air, and water. If we want our communities to be safe and clean, we cannot continue with business as usual. Historically low-income and predominantly communities of color such as Newark, Trenton, and Camden residents have suffered from some of the worst pollution in New Jersey, including drinking water contamination and higher rates of air pollution leading to higher rates of childhood asthma and cancer rates.  We are working with our environmental justice partners on legislation to protect these communities and businesses from the cumulative impacts of air pollution and for clean water.

We believe that by focusing on these top priorities, we can improve public health, protect the natural beauty of our state, and combat climate change—while creating sustainable economic growth.