Securing Clean Air

The air we breathe is under attack daily from dangerous industrial practices and irresponsible corporations. The American Lung Association has given failing D and F grades to eight of New Jersey’s counties for poor air quality—that’s half of our state!

Dirty air makes us sick, increasing asthma, heart disease, and cancer rates. And air pollution disproportionately threatens low-income and communities of color, which are the most vulnerable populations in our society. Research from a recent Harvard Study also shows that exposure to air pollution has been a factor in COVID-19 deaths. 

The good news is that there are steps we can take to dramatically improve air quality. We support investments in companies that produce solar and wind energy right here in New Jersey that create good paying jobs, improve public health, and reduce carbon pollution. We’re fighting for policies to modernize public transit and make our cities and towns pedestrian and bike friendly so that we get more trucks and cars off our congested roads.