We have proudly endorsed these candidates in 2020 for their commitment to protecting New Jersey's water, air, and open spaces.


New Jersey LCV urges voters to vote "NO" on statewide public question 3. This ballot question proposes to postpone fair redistricting for two years during any cycle in which New Jersey does not receive new Census data by February 15. As the statewide political voice for the environment representing Democrats, Republicans, and Independent voters committed to protecting our precious natural resources, New Jersey LCV is committed to ensuring fair redistricting, and thereby the elected officials in the Legislature should accurately represent the most current demographics in our communities. 

Please vote "NO" on State Public Question 3, because permanently amending the constitution for a potentially one-time problem is not necessary and could lead to the continued disenfranchisement of people of color in New Jersey’s growing new American electorate.

To learn more about Question 3, visit this page.