New Jersey LCV has done an extensive assessment of Governor Murphy’s accomplishments over the last 12 months, and after consulting with more than a dozen partners, is issuing a grade of B+ to the Governor for the first year of his second term. 

New Jersey LCV proudly bestowed on Governor Murphy the title of “America’s Greenest Governor” at the completion of his first term, when he led the nation with aggressive policies focused on clean energy, environmental justice and environmental enforcement.

Governor Murphy’s B+ is an improvement over the lackluster first 100 days of his second term progress report, but it’s not yet reaching the “A” grade he received in 2021. 

This report is part of our efforts to hold our elected officials accountable.

See below for a full list of his environmental achievements in 2022 and what the environmental community would like to see Governor Murphy tackle during the remainder of his term. And contact him to urge him to get back on track to being “America's Greenest Governor” and make our priorities his priorities in the rest of him term