Jeffrey Grayzel

Jeff Grayzel is running for election to the New Jersey Senate in the 25th District, which covers municipalities in Morris and Somerset counties. 

Mayor Jeff Grayzel was born and raised in New Jersey and has been a resident of Morris Township for 24 years. In 2007, he was elected to the Morris Township Committee and is now serving as mayor of Morris Township. As mayor, Jeff applies his engineering and analytical background to develop practical solutions and deliver results. Jeff is an ardent believer in transparency and inclusion, fostering dialogue with people across the ideological spectrum by listening to their beliefs and concerns and working to deliver the best possible outcome for the entire community. During his time as Mayor, Morris Township banned single-use plastic bags, worked to make EV charging stations more widely available, and restricted invasive species planting to protect our natural environment.

Mayor Grayzel is running against an opponent in the Senate Senate that has earned a failing lifetime score of 39% on our 2019 Legislative scorecard. His opponent has opposed crucial environmental legislation such as the Plastic Pollution Reduction Act — the nation’s strongest single- use plastics bill that will cut down on the pollution that plagues our natural spaces, smothers our waterways, and impacts the health of our residents. He also voted against the first-in-the-nation comprehensive environmental justice legislation known as the Cumulative Impacts bill which was hailed as a turning point in helping mitigate the disproportionate effects of pollution in low-income, predominantly Black and Brown communities. In addition to voting NO on these two bills, this legislator has a history of opposing many other environmental priority bills such as Clean Energy Act, the Stormwater Utility Bill, and legislation that would uphold the International Paris Agreement on Climate Change. This is why we urge you to vote for Jeff Grayzel, whom we've proudly endorsed in the 25th District.