Linda Greenstein

Senator Linda R. Greenstein (D) represents the 14th legislative district and is running for re-election. Prior to being elected to the Senate in November of 2010, she served in the General Assembly from 2000 to 2010. She currently is the Chair of the Law and Public Safety Committee, Co-Chair of the Joint Legislative Task Force on Drinking Water Infrastructure, Vice-Chair of the Environment and Energy Committee, and serves on the Budget and Appropriations committee. She has a J.D. from Georgetown University and a MA in Psychology from John Hopkins.

Senator Greenstein scored a 95% on New Jersey LCV’s 2017 Environmental Scorecard. As Vice-Chair of the Environment and Energy Committee, Senator Greenstein has sponsored several bills promoting environmental sustainability, land conservation, safe drinking water, and clean energy. She was the primary sponsor for the bill urging New Jersey to remain in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.