Deana Lykins

Deana Lykins is a democratic candidate seeking to represent Legislative District 24 in the New Jersey General Assembly, having won the primary in June. District 24 includes municipalities in the counties of Morris, Sussex, and Warren. 

Deana Lykins has worked for the New Jersey Legislature as an attorney and policy analyst. She staffed the Senate Labor Committee, Assembly Consumer Affairs Committee and Senate Commerce Committee. After working for the Legislature, Deana began a decade of private sector employment. She served as President of the Insurance Council of New Jersey during Hurricane Sandy and as an attorney and government affairs executive for AAA Insurance and Selective Insurance Company.

Deana understands how important it is for the people in her region to have the resources and services that create more vibrant communities, support the quaint small towns, farming communities, and ensure sustainable growth in the rural suburbs. Lykins believes that protecting the environment does not have to be at odds with job development or a thriving vibrant economy. Her platform encourages the continued growth of the clean energy sector and will focus on maintaining our region's position as one of the most beautiful places to live, work and play. We are proud to endorse her in the 24th district, and we urge you to vote for her on November 5th.