Nellie Pou

Senator Nellie Pou (D) represents the 35th Legislative District and is running for re-election. She attended Kean College and Rutgers University, and holds a degree from the University of Virginia in Business Administration. She was elected to the Assembly in 1997, and after running for a vacated Senate seat, was elected as a Senator in 2011. Prior to her run for the Assembly, Senator Pou served on the Passaic-Bergen County HIV Health Services Advisory Council from 1993-1997. Senator Pou was also the first woman and the first Hispanic to represent the 35th district.

One of her most well-known environmental accomplishments is co-sponsoring the Global Warming Response Act that became law in 2007. Senator Pou is outspoken about her beliefs against defunding programs that provide environmental oversight and regulation. For her pro-environmental voting record, Senator Pou earned an 89% on New Jersey LCV’s 2017 Environmental Scorecard.