Constitutional Amendment Dedicating Moneys from State Environmental Contamination Cases

We have worked with allies to put a question on the ballot to ensure that every dollar in damages paid by big polluters goes to restoring wetlands and rivers and creating urban parks and green spaces.

Our state has a strong policy to hold polluters accountable. However, the way the budget is written now, even if a company is required to pay hundreds of millions of dollars for the damages they've done, only $50 million goes toward environmental restoration - the majority of the fines are used to plug holes in the budget or be spent on unrelated projects.

We’ve seen what happens once pollution destroys open spaces, rivers, and wetlands. Towns become known for their contaminated past and can take decades to rebound – and some never do. 

If this question is passed, every dime in polluter damages will go to restoring the environment and compensating the public.

Please vote YES on Question No. 2. The question reads as follows: 

Do you approve amending the Constitution to dedicate all moneys collected by the State relating to natural resource damages in cases of contamination of the environment? The moneys would have to be used to repair, restore, replace, or preserve the State’s natural resources. The moneys may also be used to pay legal or other costs incurred by the State in pursuing its claims.

Please vote YES on public question 2.