Coalition of Diverse Leaders Applauds Governor Murphy’s Bold Offshore Wind Announcement

Executive Order More Than Doubles State Commitment


JERSEY CITY, NJ (November 19, 2019)– Today, Governor Phil Murphy took a major step forward for clean energy in New Jersey by signing anExecutive Order to more than double the state’s offshore wind commitment. Joined by former Vice President Al Gore, Governor Murphy increased the state’s offshore wind goal to 7,500 by 2035 - enough to power over 3 million Garden State homes and create thousands of jobs.

Today’s announcement builds on New Jersey’s recent progress in awarding it’s first, and the nation’s largest, offshore wind project contract earlier this summer and sends a clear signal to the offshore wind investment community that New Jersey has a long term, large scale commitment to build a local offshore wind industry.

New Jersey’s conservation, business, labor, faith, community and fishing leaders applauded today’s major step forward for offshore wind power:


National Wildlife Federation President & CEO Collin O’Mara said:

“Governor Murphy’s major announcement today doubling the state’s offshore wind goal comes at a historic time for confronting the climate crisis. We applaud the Governor for his remarkable leadership raising the bar on New Jersey’s clean energy targets. Responsibly developed offshore wind power is a golden opportunity for New Jersey and our nation to create good-paying careers, strengthen our economy, and protect people and wildlife from climate impacts.”


New Jersey Audubon President and CEO Eric Stiles said:

"As recent reports have shown, we have lost billions of birds in the last few decades, insects are dying off at an alarming rate, and we are in the midst of a wildlife crisis, which are all being driven, at least in part, by climate change. Thankfully, Governor Murphy has decided to take this challenge head on with his announcement the state plans to reach 7,500 MW of responsibly developed offshore wind energy by 2035. This goal is a bold solution for a problem that requires immediate action, and we applaud the Governor's vision for a clean energy future that fights climate change while protecting our natural resources." 


New Jersey League of Conservation Voters Executive Director Ed Potosnak said:

“We applaud Governor Murphy for his concrete actions to combat climate change and make NJ the greenest state in America by increasing our offshore wind commitment and creating thousands of good local jobs in the clean energy economy."


New Jersey Sustainable Business Council Executive Director Richard Lawton said:

"Since offshore wind energy will play such a critical role in transitioning to a clean energy economy, we applaud Governor Murphy's announcement to sign an executive order increasing OSW development to 7,500 MW by 2035. This represents the type of forward-thinking policy leadership that is necessary to address the escalating risks posed by the climate crisis, and to stimulate innovation and investment into new industries, companies and jobs that will help create a more vibrant and sustainable New Jersey economy for the 21st century."


Environment New Jersey Director Doug O'Malley said:

"Offshore wind has the potential to power New Jersey --- we just need to be able to harness the wind. Today's historic offshore wind goal set by Gov. Murphy reinforces that New Jersey has become a national leader in offshore wind. Offshore wind is a goldmine of clean energy off the Jersey Shore. It is the single best way to power our state with clean, renewable energy and provide a roadmap for the clean energy economy. Putting steel in the water takes time, but Gov. Murphy has made it clear that offshore wind is going to transform our electric grid." 


Regional Plan Association President and CEO Tom Wright said:

"The fact that Governor Murphy has more than doubled New Jersey's commitment to offshore wind is a major victory in the effort to confront the climate crisis. Our region is positioned to become the global leader in offshore wind power generation and with strategic investments and interstate collaboration we could become the global manufacturing hub for this emerging industry."


New Jersey Work Environment Council Executive Director Debra Coyle McFadden said:

“This is exactly the kind of goal New Jersey needs for our environment and to be competitive to bring offshore wind manufacturing to the state of New Jersey. Thank you Governor Murphy for your continued leadership on offshore wind. Creating good, union jobs in the renewable energy sector is a win for workers and clean air – and an essential step to ensuring the health of our climate.” 


Captain Paul Eidman, owner of Reel Therapy & NJ Representative for Anglers for Offshore Wind Power, said:

“Anyone who has fished off of New Jersey’s shores has seen new and different fish ranges due to warming waters in recent years. Not only will responsibly developed offshore wind power help reduce the pollution causing climate change, the turbines will serve as artificial reefs that attract sought after gamefish.  As long as recreational anglers have guaranteed fishing access, a seat at the table to discuss development plans, and a commitment to monitoring impacts to fish, we should all be excited about this new commitment to a clean energy opportunity that will improve our fishing and our environment.”


Business Network for Offshore Wind Executive Director Liz Burdock said:

“Today’s new, expanded goal of 7,500 MW by 2035 demonstrates Governor Murphy’s lasting commitment to offshore wind, and will significantly advance New Jersey towards its goal of 100% clean energy by 2050. We welcome that challenge and responsibility. Now it’s up to the developers, manufacturers, regulators, suppliers and skilled labor force to make it happen.”


New Jersey Resource Project member Sharon Quilter said:

"As an Ortley Beach Resident who lost their home in Sandy, I know all too well the impact that climate change is having on our state and country. We are thrilled today that Governor Murphy announced an expansion of New Jersey's offshore wind goals. Offshore wind energy creation is safe and effective, and it can benefit our communities in many ways, including offering opportunities for local businesses and even making a habitat for fishing. It's more than time to take action, and we at the shore are glad to be a part of it."


BlueGreen Alliance Executive Director Jason Walsh said:

“Gov. Murphy is showing the leadership we need to build out and capitalize on New Jersey’s—and America’s—offshore wind energy potential. Offshore wind can create good-paying, union jobs in manufacturing components and materials, construction, operations, and maintenance—especially if projects like these utilize project labor agreements and a domestic supply chain. We thank Gov. Murphy for his leadership to reduce the emissions driving our climate crisis and for providing the opportunity to create good jobs.”


Greenfaith NJ Organizer Reverend Ronald Tuff said:

“Together, we must press without tiring towards a sustainable future - for the sake of our children, for workers, for those most vulnerable to a more violent climate.  Today's announcement represents an important leap forward in the race of our lives, a race we can't afford to lose.”


Natural Resources Defense Council NJ Energy Policy Director Eric Miller said:

"We are thrilled to see Governor Murphy doubling down on offshore wind with this bold new commitment. Leveraging the power of the wind at this scale is a critical leap forward in New Jersey’s clean energy future.”


The Nature Conservancy New Jersey Director Barbara Brummer said:

“The Nature Conservancy applauds Governor Murphy’s leadership in achieving a clean energy future. Today’s announcement positions New Jersey as the nation’s leader in offshore wind.”


Jersey Renews Campaign Organizer Norah Langweiler said:

“This is an exciting day in New Jersey, a bigger goal mean more sustained investment in offshore wind. With the labor and environmental protections Jersey Renews is working with the industry to enact, this industry will be a boon for our environment, our workers, and our economy.”


Sierra Club New Jersey Chapter Director Jeff Tittel said:

"We fully support Gov. Murphy's new goal for clean offshore wind energy, which more than doubles our previous commitment and is a critical step in our fight against climate change. Once developed, this has the potential to replace well over half of New Jersey's current dirty fossil-fueled generation with clean renewable energy. This is not the end of our offshore wind potential, as the current lease area alone can support over 12 GW, and will help us get to 100% clean renewable energy and generate thousands of new jobs. We look forward to working to bring this offshore wind online as quickly and responsibly as possible. "  


Clean Water Action NJ State Director Amy Goldsmith said:

"We are thrilled to hear Governor Murphy's announcement that bigger things are ahead of us on the offshore wind horizon. New Jersey is a national front runner. It is imperative that we do everything we can to reduce climate gases by 45% by 2030 as fast as we can. Ramping up renewables like wind, solar as well as advancing energy efficiency and clean transportation are critical; and they must go hand in hand with saying no to any more fossil fuel projects if we are to survive the climate reality of the future which is already here."