On November 4th the environment is on the Ballot in Englewood Cliffs.

High-rise development is threatening to change Englewood Cliffs as you know it, degrading your quality of life and increasing traffic and congestion.  High-rise developments will also ruin the historic Palisades, which are among the most dramatic geologic features in the region and so vital they earned designation as a National Park Landmark and National Historic Landmark by the National Parks Service.  The Palisades are an American treasure.

Unfortunately, Councilwoman Oh put corporate interests ahead of the Englewood Cliffs community supporting high-rise development at every turn.  That’s why we are encouraging voters to not support her reelection.  Incumbent Councilwoman Gloria Oh voted to encourage high-rise development in Englewood Cliffs and when families and businesses in town spoke out in opposition, she ignored their concerns and was the only member of the Council to vote against giving residents an opportunity to repeal the misguided high-rise zone. Oh’s running mate, incumbent Councilman Ed Aversa, on the other hand has done an about face on the high-rise issue, which we applaud.  Unlike his running mate, after supporting the original high-rise ordinance Councilman Aversa heard the concerns of the families and business in Englewood Cliffs opposing the high-rise zone and voted to put it to the voters this November if the council didn’t repeal the awful ordinance first.  Councilman Aversa continued to show his commitment to keeping our community in tact by supporting the repeal of the harmful high-rise zone.

The two challengers vying to defeat the incumbents, Mario Kranjac & Kinga Zamecki, have been outspoken in their opposition of high-rise development in Englewood Cliffs with a campaign mailer explaining their work to protect against high-rise developments.

On November 4th help defend Englewood Cliffs from high-rises and safeguard the historically significant Palisades, an American treasure.

Ed Potosnak is Executive Director of the New Jersey League of Conservation Voters.