Trenton, NJ--Today the New Jersey League of Conservation Voters (NJLCV) released its first round of 2013 endorsements for the New Jersey State Senate and Assembly.  The endorsed slate includes candidates highly committed to conserving the environment and a demonstrated ability to deliver on that commitment in office.

The first round of endorsees include candidates from the Democratic, Republican and Independent parties committed to improving the health of New Jerseyans and safeguarding our environment.  This year a record number of questionnaires were submitted by candidates seeking NJLCV’s support. 

“Our initial slate is politically diverse, demonstrating that environmental protection is a non-partisan value.  Candidates receiving the endorsement of NJLCV have demonstrated a commitment to conserving our environment, safeguarding our water, cleaning our air, protecting our natural resources.  NJLCV’s efforts to elect pro-conservation legislators are critical to making the environment a priority in Trenton.  This outstanding group earned our support because in addition to fighting to protect the environment they have solid plan to win their election,” said Ed Potosnak, Executive Director of NJLCV.

As of September 18, 2013 Endorsees Include:

LD 6: Assembly - Pamela Lampitt (D)
LD 7: Senate - Diane Allen (R)
LD 7: Assembly - Herb Conaway (D)
LD 14: Senate - Linda Greenstein (D)
LD 14: Assembly - Dan Benson (D)
LD 15: Assembly - Bonnie Watson Coleman (D)
LD 15: Assembly - Reed Gusciora (D)
LD 16: Senate - Christopher “Kip” Bateman (R)
LD 16: Assembly - Marie Corfield (D)
LD 17: Senate - Bob Smith (D)
LD 18: Senate - Peter Barnes (D)
LD 19: Senate - Joseph Vitale (D)
LD 19: Assembly – Craig Coughlin (D)
LD 25: Assembly – Rebecca Feldman (I)
LD 27: Assembly - John McKeon (D)
LD 27: Assembly - Mila Jasey (D)
LD 35: Senate - Nellie Pou (D)
LD 37: Senate - Loretta Weinberg (D)
LD 37: Assembly - Valerie Huttle (D)
LD 38: Senate - Bob Gordon (D)
LD 38: Assembly - Timothy Eustace (D)
LD 38: Assembly – Joseph Lagana (D)

NJLCV endorsed 22 candidates in 13 Legislative Districts.  The initial slate includes one Independent, two Republicans, and 17 Democrats and support for four candidates in open seats or challenging incumbents.   Democrats control both chambers of the legislature, 48 – 32 in the Assembly and 24 – 16 in the Senate.

NJLCV uses a rigorous evaluation process to vet candidates for endorsement.  To earn an endorsement by NJLCV, candidates must first complete a questionnaire.  This questionnaire requires candidates to articulate clear positions on the most pressing environmental and conservation issues facing the Garden State.  Those candidates that demonstrate satisfactory environmental values and are committed to playing a leadership role in safeguarding New Jersey’s environment, are further vetted to see if the candidate is a serious contender for the office they are seeking.  Endorsements were not made in every race.  For more information about NJLCV endorsements, please visit