“Gov. Christie will leave office next year with a toxic environmental legacy: He has rolled back environmental protections to help line the pockets of developers, gutted the state’s environmental regulatory and enforcement agency, pulled New Jersey out of the multi-state greenhouse gas reduction initiative and let big polluters off the hook by settling major lawsuits for pennies on the dollar. Sadly, there is no reason to expect transformative environmental policy in his final year in office.
“During this last year, we will continue to fight, but we will also look forward. Christie’s atrocious environmental record – coupled with Trump’s indifference toward climate change and selection of anti-environment Cabinet nominees – make it more urgent than ever that New Jersey’s environmental community elevates the conversation about key air, water, land and public health and safety priorities, puts candidates on the record and works harder than ever to elect a green governor who will again make New Jersey an example for other states to follow. New Jersey League of Conservation Voters will be leading the way.”