TYPE: Legislation


DESCRIPTION: Revises 2050 limit on statewide greenhouse gas emissions


TO: Assembly Environment and Solid Waste Committee

Thank you, Chairwoman and the committee, for hearing this bill.
New Jersey LCV supports A4417 to cut the greenhouse gas emissions limit by nearly half under the existing Global Warming Response Act benchmarks since we are ahead of schedule.
However, we have recommendations that would strengthen and clarify this bill.
Specifically, regarding language within section 2.  I understand that this language was appropriated from the original GWRA text, but there are some scientific inaccuracies that should be addressed.  
First, the bill states “that, while this global warming may be a theory to some...” This portion of the sentence actually confuses the scientific definition of a theory. In this bill, theory is referring to a hunch or unfounded belief as a disqualifying factor, while a valid and sound scientific theory is informed and reviewed through empirical processes. We recommend just removing this portion of the sentence because it refers a miniscule proportion of climate scientists and is in no way representative of the actual actively publishing body of climate scientists.
Second, we also recommend changing “are accepted by many respected scientists” to read “are accepted by an overwhelming consensus of climate scientists.”
Lastly, we want to ensure that the DEP and all relevant parties continue to monitor and report our emissions reductions and release the biennial reports as outlined in the GWRA and we believe this bill comes at a great time as the EMP process is underway.
We look forward to continue working with the legislature and this committee to continue moving New Jersey to be the greenest state in the country and catalyzing our clean energy economy and the good local jobs that come with it. 
Thank you for your time.