TYPE: Legislation


DESCRIPTION: Condemns EPA decision to withdraw from "once-in-always-in" policy under Clean Air Act.


TO: Senate Energy & Environment Committee

New Jersey League of Conservation Voters strongly supports SCR-121, that effectively condemns the EPA’s decision to withdraw from “once in always in” policy under the Clean Air Act. This policy imposes maximum available control technologies to control hazardous air pollutants such as benzene, heavy metals, and other cancer causing substances from facilities such as oil refineries. These are stringent air pollution control policies designed to protect public health.
By EPA withdrawing this crucial policy, and allowing major air polluters to side step stringent air pollution controls, we are inviting major air polluting facilities to operate with less regulatory oversight, and to pollute more, EFFECTIVELY poisoning our air.  New Jersey’s historic toxic legacy will be exacerbated as well as the inequitable health disparities already present in environmental justice communities. Air doesn’t know political boundaries, so this rollback would mean more toxic air from Pennsylvania.
Withdrawing this policy runs counter to the primary goal of the Clean Air Act.  
Air quality in New Jersey is already a serious issue. Every NJ county routinely receives unsatisfactory grades for some pollutant levels in our air by the American Lung Association, showcasing the considerable public health problems and threats our air quality instills. 
Not only will this bill strongly repudiate the hazardous and irresponsible actions at the federal level, it will showcase our commitment to reducing environmental health injustices and moving New Jersey toward a future of clean air, clean land, and clean water for all of our communities. Our collective public health is at risk. 
Therefore, New Jersey LCV urges you to support this bill and condemn the actions of the EPA.
Thank you for your time.