State Sen. Jennifer Beck’s recent vote against legislation to establish a dedicated source of state funding for open space, farmland and historic preservation is disappointing, to say the least.

Her vote denies voters in the most densely populated state the opportunity to decide whether they want to protect remaining open space. The vote is surprising because she has been a strong supporter of open-space preservation in the past.

New Jersey can’t afford to wait to establish a dedicated funding source, since there is no new money available to continue critical investments in keeping our drinking water clean, protecting our open space and wildlife habitat, and preserving our family farms and historic treasures.

New Jersey residents have long valued open space and have consistently voted to protect our land, air and water. Recent polling found that voters overwhelmingly approve dedicating sales-tax revenues to fund preservation efforts.

Our Legislature — including Beck — should allow citizens the opportunity to vote “yes” on open-space funding in November.

Now is not the time to take a wait-and-see approach on open space.

Now is the time for open-space champions like Beck to stand up for our children and future generations to ensure New Jersey’s longstanding legacy of preservation does not come to an end and to support the Preserve New Jersey Act of 2013.

Please join me in calling on Beck to uphold the state Constitution and let the people decide. Beck can be reached at senbeck (at) or 732-933-1591.

Ed Potosnak
Executive Director, New Jersey League of Conservation Voters, Trenton