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The United States incarcerates more people than any other developed nation, and most of those are Black and Brown people. This movie gives context for why.
(Racial Justice)
Focuses on the fight for equal rights as guaranteed by the 14th Amendment. Many Americans do not know about the fight for the 14th Amendment and its importance in guaranteeing equal rights, including access and services for people of color.
(Racial Justice)
American Outrage: The Shoshone Women's Battle for Land Rights
Recounts the story of two Shoshone women who fought the US federal government for their land rights. Land rights are an integral part of Indigenous sovereignty, and a source of ongoing contention with the US Government.
(Racial Justice)
Biography of Chinese American political activist and philosopher Grace Lee Boggs and her activism in support of Black communities.
Boggs was an influential activist who bridged across communities, generations and strategies to advance social justice.
(Racial Justice)
Documentary series providing an in-depth exploration of the history of in the US, their contributions to the development of this country, and the challenges they have had to endure.
(Racial Justice) (Identity and Community)
Introduction into disability justice and activism from the perspectives of young people with disabilities.
(Disability Justice) (Identity and Community)
Documentary exploring the long and often problematic history of Transgender and Nonbinary representation in film and television, dating back to the silent movie era.
(Gender Justice) (LGBTQ Justice)
Groundbreaking story of race, racism and racial violence in a Black neighborhood in Brooklyn.
(Racial Justice) (Identity and Community)
Biography of labor organizer and feminist activist Huerta, who co-founded the United Farmworkers Union with Cesar Chavez and who has been a lifelong activist for Latinos, women, working class people and immigrants, among others.
(Labor Justice) (Intersectionality)
The history of the Civil Rights Movement told from the perspective of the ordinary people who were involved in the fight for equality and dignity for Black people.
(Racial Justice)