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This 37-page volume of the toolkit is focused primarily on equity and inclusion within an organization’s culture, rather than external facing actions such as programming or member engagement.
Oftentimes organizations will focus primarily on external engagement and are faced with setbacks that would have been mitigated if more of their efforts were directed at changing the internal workings of their organization before beginning external work.
Diversity is not “the challenge of the moment”, but a goal that should be incorporated throughout an organization’s values and activities. Organizations that approach equity work by creating a solid foundation of internal organizational work find that they are more successful when they embark on increasing equity in their external work.
(Organizational Culture) (Racial Justice)
The Coalition for the Delaware River Watershed created this second volume of their Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice Toolkit.
This 38-page addition concentrates on external engagement practices.
(Organizational Culture) (Racial Justice)
(Racial Justice) (Identity and Community)
Offers a range of training opportunities
(Racial Justice) (Organizational Culture)
Has sponsored the White Privilege Conference for white allies and co-conspirators annually for 20 years, and offers additional trainings throughout the year.
(Racial Justice)
Intersectional approaches to creating inclusive and affirming environments for people of all genders and gender identities. Located in Philadelphia.
(Gender Justice)
Offers a range of training opportunities, including White People Confronting Racism
(Racial Justice) (Organizational Culture)