January 13, 2020

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Joint Statement on the Successful, Bipartisan Passage of the Electric Vehicle Legislation

TRENTON - Today, a variety of environmental and community-based organizations celebrated the strongly bipartisan passage of S2252/A4819 out of the New Jersey Senate and Assembly and sent to Governor Murphy’s Desk.

“On behalf of the 167,000 children in New Jersey living with asthma, the New Jersey Legislature took the boldest action in America to accelerate our transition to zero-emission transportation with the bipartisan passage of electric vehicle legislation,” said Ed Potosnak, Executive Director of New Jersey League of Conservation Voters. “We urge Governor Murphy to sign this critical bill to improve public health and address climate change without delay.”

“This is a historic moment," said Tom Gilbert, Campaign Director for NJ Conservation Foundation and Rethink Energy NJ.  "Governor Murphy’s signature would position New Jersey as a leader on electric vehicles, making our air cleaner, our economy stronger and our energy costs lower.” 

“By electrifying our transportation system, the legislature and Governor have the opportunity to revolutionize our state, take a stand for public health, and lead us to the equitable and clean energy future we’ve been working towards,” said Katharina Miguel, Clean Energy Advocate for Isles. “We urge Governor Murphy to take bold action and sign the EV Bill into law.”

“With transportation being the leading source of greenhouse gas emissions in New Jersey, the state legislature has demonstrated bold leadership in passing this bill,” said Mary Barber, Director, Regulatory and Legislative Affairs at Environmental Defense Fund. “The electric vehicle program will stimulate sales and ensure sound charging infrastructure to reduce the state’s reliance of fossil fuels and clean up the air.”

“New Jersey continues to raise the bar on what bold climate leadership looks like,” said Bill Holland, State Policy Director for League of Conservation Voters. “We are grateful for our partners at New Jersey LCV for their steadfast advocacy and leadership on such an important issue.”

"This bill is a historic, decisive action for the state of New Jersey," said Lauren Bailey, Director of Climate Policy for Tri-State Transportation Campaign. "The Senate and Assembly are paving the path toward a zero-emissions transportation landscape in the Garden State, starting with incentives for car ownership and charging infrastructure. We're excited that this bill includes a commitment by New Jersey Transit to transition towards an all-electric bus fleet with the requirement that all bus purchases starting in 2032 must be zero emissions. With this, NJ Transit joins over 60 other transit agencies, including the MTA, that are already transitioning over to an all-electric bus fleet. We look forward to Governor Murphy's signature on this important step towards cleaner air for all."   

"Making the transition to cleaner air and a greener environment requires that we begin to normalize and integrate electric vehicles into our society,” said Imani Oakley, Legislative Director and Regional Organizer for New Jersey Working Families Alliance. “From personal electric vehicles to public transportation, New Jerseyans--especially those who live in high pollution urban areas--deserve to see real change in our state's commitment to more environmentally safe modes of transportation. I'm glad the legislature has decided to take this matter seriously and I look forward to the EV bill passing and heading to the Governor's desk." 

“We support the Electric Vehicle bill because it joins our mandate to be good stewards of the earth with our call to care for the most vulnerable among us,” said Liz Cohen and Rabbi Ethan Prosnit, co-chairs of Reform Jewish Voice of New Jersey. “By creating infrastructure for EV’s and moving municipal fleets and public transportation to clean electric vehicles, we will improve the quality of the air we breathe and the health and wellbeing of those most impacted by dense urban living.  We must act with urgency and foresight to fight the dramatic impacts of climate change, and this is a key step.  We thank our legislators and urge Governor Murphy to sign S2252/A4819.”


New Jersey League of Conservation Voters is a non-partisan organization whose mission is to elect environmental champions, hold public officials accountable, and support laws which protect our environment and improve the quality of people’s lives.