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TRENTON, NJ- New Jersey League of Conservation Voters (New Jersey LCV), the leading political voice for the environment in New Jersey, announced their endorsements for the 2020 New Jersey local elections. New Jersey LCV is a nonpartisan organization whose mission is to elect environmental champions, and is the only New Jersey environmental group with a Political Action Committee (PAC) and Super PAC. 

“This is the first time we’ve made multiple endorsements for local elections in New Jersey. We decided to do it this year because there is so much at stake,” said Ed Potosnak, Executive Director of New Jersey LCV. “Most of the attention is on the Presidential election, but we realize when it comes to climate change action, safeguarding drinking water, reducing flooding, advancing environmental justice, preserving open space and parks, a lot of the decisions are made at the local level. We want New Jerseyans to know which candidates support the environment.”  

New Jersey LCV has endorsed the following candidates:

25th Legislative District State Assembly Seat

● Darcy Draeger 

Essex County Freeholders

● Freeholder Patricia Sebold 

● Freeholder Brendan Gill 

Evesham Town Council 

● Eddie Freeman

● Ginamarie Espinoza

Harding Township Committee 

● Kate Barry 

● Amanda Richardson 

Hillsborough Township Committee

● Donetta Johnson 

● David Brooks 

Hopewell Township Committee 

● Kevin D. Kuchinski 

● Michael Ruger 

Hunterdon County Freeholder

● Shaun Van Doren

Jefferson Township Council

● Pamela Fadden 

Lumberton Township Committee

● Gina LaPlaca 

● Terrance Benson

Middle Township Committee

● Bob Jackson 

Montgomery Township Committee

● Shelly Bell

Moorestown Council  

● Jake Van Dyken 

Mount Laurel Township Council

● Fozia Janjua 

● Karen Cohen 

● Nikitas Moustakas 

Passaic County Freeholders

● Freeholder Bruce James

Readington Township Committee 

● Alan Harwick 

● Rene Rao 

Redbank Council 

● Councilman Ed Zipprich 

Somerset County Freeholder  

● Paul Drake 

● Doug Singleterry 

Washington Borough Council

● Chris Bauknight

In addition, New Jersey LCV is urging voters to vote “No” on statewide public question 3 on New Jersey’s ballot. This question proposes to postpone redistricting for two years during any cycle in which New Jersey does not receive new Census data by February 15. As the statewide political voice for the environment representing Democrats, Republicans and Independent voters committed to protecting our precious natural resources, New Jersey LCV is committed to ensuring redistricting, and thereby the elected officials in the Legislature should accurately represent the most current demographics in our communities. 

“Vote no on State Public Question 3, because permanently amending the constitution for a potentially one-time problem is not necessary and could lead to the continued disenfranchisement of people of color in New Jersey’s growing new American electorate,” explained Ed Potosnak.

New Jersey LCV encourages voters to learn more about Question 3 at:

Quotes from Endorsed Candidates:

"I am proud to earn the support of the New Jersey League of Conservation Voters. Across the US, environmental protections are being rolled back or weakened, making it more important than ever to safeguard clean air and water here in New Jersey,” said Darcy Draeger, candidate for State Assembly in Legislative District 25. “Whether you plan to vote early, by mail, or in person on November 3, our natural resources are on the ballot this year. I encourage everyone to make a plan to vote. Good policy can't happen without engaged citizens." 

“I’m absolutely thrilled to receive the endorsement from New Jersey LCV. I’m very much committed to conservation in this county and as Freeholder I spend a lot of time working hard to protect our environment in Essex County,” said Patricia Sebold, candidate for Essex County Freeholder.

"I offer my sincere thanks and appreciation to the New Jersey League of Conservation Voters for their endorsement of my candidacy for Essex County Freeholder At-Large. Throughout my time in public service, I have prided myself on being available to my constituents, and ensuring they are aware of the principles I stand for and the specific issues of importance to me,” said Brendan Gill, candidate for Essex County Freeholder. “Whether referencing my leadership in implementing the Complete Streets initiative in Essex County - aimed to set standards for traffic safety and vehicle emissions - or my staunch advocacy for the Essex Hudson Greenway project, which will provide an 11-mile stretch of outdoor recreation space passing through eight municipalities from Montclair to Jersey City, I have always been an advocate for environmental responsibility and the preservation of open space. Thank you again, and I will continue to fight for causes that will preserve our environment and uplift our communities."

“We are honored to receive the endorsement of the New Jersey League of Conservation Voters, and sincerely thank them for their support,” said Eddie Freeman and Ginamarie Espinoza, candidates for Evesham Town Council.  “Whether it’s the beautiful Black Run Preserve, our tremendous open space, or initiatives to make our town more sustainable, the mission of NJ LCV is dear to Evesham residents. We are making these issues a priority of our campaign, and hope to do the same when we are elected in November. Thank you all, and Evesham residents, please remember to return your vote by mail ballot for Column 1.”  

"I had the immense pleasure of interning with New Jersey LCV close to its founding, shortly after receiving my Master’s degree in Environment and Sustainable Development. It was one of the best, most hands-on experiences of my career. I know what a wonderful organization New Jersey LCV is, and how hardworking, knowledgeable, and dedicated its employees, volunteers, and interns are,” said Kate Barry, candidate for Harding Township Committee. “As a candidate in Harding Township, I know an endorsement from New Jersey LCV will resonate with voters here on a profound level. We care deeply about our environment and our stunning open spaces. I am truly honored to have earned this endorsement and look forward to working with our friends at New Jersey LCV when I am elected to the Harding Township Committee."

"I'm so honored to have been endorsed by New Jersey LCV. As someone who grew up with the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge in my backyard, I have always been committed to protecting our public lands and open space,” said Amanda Richardson, candidate for Harding Township Committee. “I share New Jersey LCV’s mission to clean air, clean water, and a safe climate."

"We want to sincerely thank New Jersey LCV for their endorsement of our candidacy for Hillsborough Township's Committee and stress our commitment to being responsible stewards of our environment, protecting our resident's health and focusing on ways that we will address issues such as uncontrolled growth and climate change,” said David Brooks and Donnetta Johnson, candidates for Hillsborough Township Committee.

"I want to thank the League of Conservation Voters for their endorsement as well as their hard work and tireless efforts,” said Shaun Van Doren, candidate for Hunterdon County Freeholder.  “I appreciate their support and confidence in my leadership on the preservation and protection of the environment.”  

“We are honored to receive the endorsement of New Jersey LCV.  Their support is emblematic of our commitment to preserving open space here in Lumberton and to finding sustainable long-term solutions to our chronic flooding issues,” said Gina LaPlaca and Terrance Benson, candidates for Lumberton Township Committee. “Protecting our natural resources is a critical part of keeping Lumberton Township a great place to raise a family.” 

"Thank you, New Jersey League of Conservation Voters, for your endorsement. The Montgomery community prides itself on open space and green surroundings. As a member of the Montgomery Township Planning Board, I value environmental preservation,” said Shelly Bell, candidate for Montgomery Township Committee. “If elected, I look forward to working with the New Jersey League of Conservation Voters to implement the best policies for a sustainable future.”

“I am sincerely humbled to be endorsed by New Jersey LCV.  As promised, if elected, I will act in the best interests of the environment with the dual aims of conservation and protection, said Jake Van Dyken, candidate for Moorestown Council.  “This election is probably one of the most important in history, and I urge voters to get out and vote early using the Vote-by-Mail Ballot.” 

"We are honored to receive the endorsement of the New Jersey League of Conservation Voters representing more than two million grassroots members nationwide. As town councilors in Mount Laurel, we will fight to protect clean air, clean water, open space and work tirelessly for the community,” said Cohen, Moustakas and Janjua, candidates for Mount Laurel Town Council.

“I have to thank the New Jersey League of Conservation Voters for their endorsement of my candidacy for what is still called County Freeholder until January 1st, when it then becomes County Commissioner,” said Bruce James, candidate for Passaic County Freeholder. “I can't begin to tell you all how much this means to me! History will look very kindly at people like them who fought the fight that literally saved our world! I assure you; WE are in this fight together!” 

“The Rao and Harwick for Readington Campaign would like to thank the New Jersey League of Conservation Voters for their endorsement. We understand that, in Readington, the environment is paramount to our residents,” said Rene Rao and Alan Harwick, candidates for Readington Town Council. “We are proud to have included environmental concerns and issues in our campaign, and we look forward to working with New Jersey LCV to be active champions of environmental and clean water policies once elected to office. We are honored and humbled to receive this endorsement.” 

“I am pleased to have the endorsement of the New Jersey League of Conservation Voters. Their environmental stewardship and watchfulness is key to the future of our state and our nation as we work together to pass legislation that will impact generations to come,” said Edward Zipprich, candidate for Redbank Council. “As a proud endorsee, I want everyone to vote and to work to get out the vote during the next four weeks leading up to Election Day.” 

"We are looking forward to helping enable Somerset County to be a leader in the fight against climate change,” said Paul Drake, candidate for Somerset County Freeholder. “At the same time, we can work together with municipalities on healthy walkable community designs to advance local sustainable investment strategies."

"I want to thank New Jersey LCV for their endorsement and for recognizing our commitment to the environment,” said Doug Singleterry, candidate for Somerset County Freeholder. “Now more than ever it is important that people vote. The future of our environment depends upon it."

“As the Vice President of the Warren County Young Democrats, I believe we have to do our part for a clean environment. Cleaner environment, better living for everyone,” said Chris Bauknight, candidate for Washington Borough Town Council.

“Over the past four years, New Jersey LCV has demonstrated – through our groundbreaking, successful efforts in the 2017 Gubernatorial race and the 2017 and 2019 state legislative races that people want pro-conservation candidates in office,” added Potosnak. “Starting at the grassroots level is always a great way to build momentum for the transformation we need to see regarding climate change and other environmental issues in New Jersey.”

A full list of the local endorsements can be found here including biographies of the endorsees. A full list of past endorsements can be found here

New Jersey LCV works to elect viable candidates, without regard to party affiliation, who have demonstrated active or affirmative willingness and capacity to reliably advance New Jersey LCV’s conservation agenda and priorities as outlined in its Policy Agenda and other documents. 

Earning a New Jersey LCV endorsement is not to be taken lightly because we back it up with action. We pride ourselves on having a systematic and rigorous process to vet and endorse candidates. New Jersey LCV reviews candidates’ environmental credentials and vision for the state moving forward through our questionnaire, and in many cases sit down with candidates to ask tough questions about the race and to ensure their commitment to our goals of protecting the state’s air, water, and lands.