September 9, 2019

Contact: Ed Potosnak
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Leading Political Environmental Group Endorses in New Jersey General Assembly Elections

TRENTON, NJ – New Jersey League of Conservation Voters (NJLCV), the leading political voice for the environment in New Jersey, announced its second round of endorsements for the 2019 New Jersey General Assembly Elections today. 

“We are eager to announce the second round of our 2019 endorsements for Assembly,” said Ed Potosnak, Executive Director of New Jersey LCV. “These endorsees are environmentally responsible candidates who not only can be trusted to advocate for strong environmental policies but can also be held accountable for safeguarding the health of our communities, the beauty of our states, and the strength of our economy.” 

New Jersey LCV endorsed the following candidates for Assembly in this second round:

  • Assemblyman Eric Houghtaling and Assemblywoman Joann Downey in District 11
  • Assemblyman Roy Freiman for District 16
  • Deana Lykins in District 24 
  • Assemblyman Raj Mukherji for District 33
  • Assemblywoman Britnee Timberlake and Assemblyman Tom Giblin for District 34
  • Assemblyman Clinton Calabrese and Assemblyman Gary Schaer in District 36 

New Jersey LCV is a nonpartisan organization whose mission is to elect environmental advocates, and is the only New Jersey environmental group with a Political Action Committee (PAC) and a Super PAC. Their second round of endorsements includes eight environmental leaders who are incumbents and one challenger. 

In District 11, New Jersey LCV endorsed Assemblyman Eric Houghtaling for re-election again. “For the sake of my grandkids, and the thousands of New Jersey farmers who are counting on us to take action on climate change, I am honored to stand with New Jersey LCV. I will continue to fight for common sense, affordable ways to a renewable energy future in the New Jersey Assembly.” 

Houghtaling’s running mate, Assemblywoman Joann Downey, is once again endorsed by New Jersey LCV in District 11 and added, “As a mom, I'm proud to have the support of New Jersey LCV because future generations are depending on us to act now. That means fighting for New Jersey families to have affordable, renewable energy sources and holding bad actors accountable to combat climate change head on.” 

Receiving New Jersey LCV’s endorsement in District 24, challenger Deana Lykins remarked, “I couldn’t be more excited and honored to receive the endorsement of the New Jersey LCV.  Protecting the environment is a stewardship that requires present and attentive leaders. With the help of the LCV, I look forward to working hard in the Legislature to ensure a brighter, cleaner future for New Jersey.”

In District 33, New Jersey LCV endorsed Assemblyman Raj Mukherji, a previous endorsee, who responded by saying, “Preserving open spaces and urban parks, clean air, safe water, and fighting climate change. These must be among our foremost priorities for our children. I am so humbled to be honored by the endorsement of New Jersey LCV, true champions of environmental justice, and I look forward to continuing to legislate with a focus on climate action and fighting for a more sustainable New Jersey. This is the time for bold action.”

Assemblywoman Timberlake, in regards to her endorsement in District 34 stated, “It is an honor to receive the endorsement of New Jersey LCV. Environmental issues are of great importance to me. Policies and laws must be adopted in order to preserve this great earth and to improve public health. For our children and generations yet to be born, we must ensure all people in rural, suburban, and urban environments have clean water, air, land, and healthy homes rid of lead and other toxins. I am committed to working with New Jersey LCV to continue putting forth strong and aggressive solution-based laws to many environmental challenges.”   

Assemblyman Giblin, also endorsed in District 34 added, “I thank New Jersey LCV for their endorsement and appreciate their confidence in my record as a New Jersey state assemblyman.” 

The second round of New Jersey LCV endorsements continued in District 36 with Assemblyman Clinton Calabrese and Assemblyman Gary SchaerCalabrese responded to the endorsement saying "I am grateful for the endorsement of the New Jersey LCV. Since taking office last year, I have taken stands for the environment that have created some backlash, but I know that the positions I have taken are truly necessary to protect our environment, to protect the health of our residents and children, and to protect our state's natural resources. It means a lot to know that my efforts have been acknowledged and supported by the League of Conservation Voters.” 

Assemblyman Schaer in 36 also commented on the endorsement saying, “It is an honor and privilege to be endorsed by one of the state’s chief advocates for environmental justice. Where our federal government has abandoned many of the protections for our environment, I have joined with my colleagues to work with New Jersey LCV and others to fill that void. I pledge to continue to fight against climate change, for renewable energy, and for the protection of our natural resources. New Jersey has become a national leader in environmental protection, and I hope to continue that tradition for the sake of my grandchildren and generations to come.” 

New Jersey LCV was the first environmental organization to endorse Phil Murphy for Governor, four months before the gubernatorial primary. The group ran an extensive paid voter education and turnout effort to educate the state about Phil Murphy’s pro-environmental agenda. In the 2017 election cycle, the group’s PAC and Super PAC spent over $400,000 on endorsed candidates including gubernatorial candidate Phil Murphy, a record-shattering amount by an environmental organization in New Jersey and the most of any non-labor issue organizations.

A full list of these first-round endorsements can be found here including biographies of the endorsees. A full list of past endorsements can be found here.

New Jersey League of Conservation Voters is a non-partisan organization whose mission is to elect environmental champions, hold public officials accountable, and support laws which protect our environment and improve the quality of people’s lives.