Gov. Murphy held a press conference in Highlands on Monday morning to announce he’s rolling back another Christie-era policy.

“In just a few minutes I’m going to sign an executive order to start the process to get New Jersey back into RGGI,” said Murphy.

RGGI is the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. Nine Northeast states participate in it. It’s a compact to control carbon emissions.

Former Gov. Chris Christie famously pulled New Jersey out of it in 2011.


“Gov. Christie unilaterally removed us in his quest to become President of the United States that was failed, but we now have a governor whose putting together these solutions instead of sound bites and it’s exciting for our state," said Ed Potosnak, executive director of the NJ League of Conservation Voters.

“This press conference is a breath of fresh air, literally and figuratively,” said Sen. Bob Smith.

Gov. Murphy continues to strip away parts of the Christie legacy. Senator Smith, who is chairman of the Environment and Energy Committee, called him perhaps the greenest governor in America.

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