Trenton, NJ- Today Senate President Stephan Sweeney joined Senator Bob Smith and Peter Barnes in announcing a legislative effort to block the Governor’s latest attempt to ignore the Regional Green House Gas Initiative (RGGI) law.  The Administration released a proposed rule on July 7th to repeal RGGI, as stated in the title “proposal repeals the CO2 Budget Trading Program rules and related provisions of the Air Pollution Control rules and the Air Administrative Procedures and Penalties” found at
“New Jersey LCV applauds the leadership of Senate President Sweeney and the commitment of Senators Smith and Barnes to ensure the creation of good jobs while protecting the environment and improving public health. ” Ed Potosnak exclaimed.

The legislative effort requires the passage of a two concurrent resolutions in the Senate and Assembly to block Governor Christie’s job killing effort to bury the successful RGGI program and with it deny good jobs to out of work New Jerseyans.

“I continue to remain hopeful that the needs of New Jersey’s families and businesses prevail and the dangerous actions of this Administration will be blocked once and for all.  The people of New Jersey want cleaner air and good jobs, RGGI provides these benefits as well as many others, including desperately needed money into our treasury,” Potosnak concluded.