Trenton, NJ- Yesterday voters across New Jersey entered their voting booths and overwhelmingly supported Green Candidates to ensure a healthier, brighter future for our state.  Election returns as of 8am today showed 19 out of 22 New Jersey LCV endorsed candidates were successfully elected on November 5th, 2013. With a success rate of 86%, this election marks the second cycle in which New Jersey LCV actively participated, providing a breath of fresh air for politics in New Jersey.

“The environment matters and our work in this year’s election showed New Jersey LCV stands by candidates who protect the things we love about New Jersey: clean air, clean water and green spaces for every resident!” Ed Potosnak exclaimed.

The New Jersey LCV went all in for the state’s greenest State Senator, Republican Kip Bateman, launching NJLCV for a Cleaner Environment, NJ’s only environmental Super PAC.  The organization spent over $40,000 in Legislative District 16 alone, with 5 waves of mail to 12,174 Democratic and Unaffiliated voters. This investment paid off, helping increase Senator Bateman’s performance 5.8 points, from 54.6% in 2011 to 60.4%, while the performance of his Assembly running mates remained flat over 2011.

NJLCV PAC spent an additional $15,000 to elect Senator Linda Greenstein, Senator Peter Barnes III and Assemblyman Dan Benson.  These three races were among the most competitive in the state and New Jersey LCV’s on-the-ground voter activation helped these environmental leaders win.  The organization also activated volunteers in LD 27 for Assemblyman McKeon and Assemblywoman Jasey.

NJLCV Executive Director, Ed Potosnak celebrated their achievements, “New Jersey’s clean air, clean water and open space are important to our families and businesses.  With our help, voters around the state demonstrated a commitment to the environment at the polls.”  He continued, “We are thrilled to see our endorsed candidates recognized for their environmental leadership and we look forward to working with these legislators to ensure a greener Garden State for our children and grandchildren.”

Full list of winning endorsed Environmental Leaders:

  • LD 6: Assembly - Pamela Lampitt (D)
  • LD 7: Senate - Diane Allen (R)
  • LD 7: Assembly - Herb Conaway (D)
  • LD 14: Senate - Linda Greenstein (D)
  • LD 14: Assembly - Dan Benson (D)
  • LD 15: Assembly - Bonnie Watson Coleman (D)
  • LD 15: Assembly - Reed Gusciora (D)
  • LD 16: Senate - Christopher “Kip” Bateman (R)
  • LD 17: Senate - Bob Smith (D)
  • LD 18: Senate - Peter Barnes (D)
  • LD 19: Senate - Joseph Vitale (D)
  • LD 19: Assembly – Craig Coughlin (D)
  • LD 27: Assembly - John McKeon (D)
  • LD 27: Assembly - Mila Jasey (D)
  • LD 35: Senate - Nellie Pou (D)
  • LD 37: Senate - Loretta Weinberg (D)
  • LD 37: Assembly - Valerie Huttle (D)
  • LD 38: Senate - Bob Gordon (D)
  • LD 38: Assembly – Joseph Lagana (D)