New Jersey League of Conservation Voters is making the environment a top priority in Trenton.


LETTER: State doesn’t need the PennEast pipeline

Ed Potosnak looks on as Tom Gilbert speaks against the PennEast pipeline

New Jersey voters know it: our state’s energy future rests upon clean, renewable energy, not polluting fossil fuels. This was clearly demonstrated in November with the election of Gov. Phil Murphy, who campaigned on a platform of setting the state on a path to 100 percent clean energy by 2050. Moving forward on this path shouldn’t include investment in unneeded fossil fuel infrastructure that would work against the state’s efforts to reach that critical goal.

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GOVERNOR MURPHY ADVANCES NEW JERSEY TOWARDS 100% CLEAN ENERGY BY 2050: New Jersey on track to be greenest state in America

Alex Ambrose, Ed Potosnak, and Henry Gajda pose with Governor Murphy

TRENTON—Today, Governor Phil Murphy signed a landmark clean energy bill, requiring New Jersey to achieve the highest standard for renewable energy in the country—over 50% of the state’s portfolio must come from clean, renewable energy such as solar and wind by 2030, a fourfold increase over the achievements made since 2001. Additionally, the Governor also signed an executive order directing the BPU to update the Energy Supply Master Plan to move New Jersey to 100% clean energy by 2050.

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Bill Would Ban NJ Schools From Selling Food In Styrofoam Containers

New Jersey lawmakers are considering legislation that would prohibit public schools and universities from selling food and beverages in Styrofoam containers.

Henry Gajda with the New Jersey League of Conservation Voters told lawmakers it takes about 500 years for a Styrofoam cup to biodegrade.

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Pollution from stormwater runoff is a $15 billion problem that won’t go away. Stormwater utilities could help Garden State get a handle on the solution.

The state is reviving a decade-old idea to help New Jersey address a $15 billion problem to better manage stormwater runoff, an issue widely recognized as fouling waterways and exacerbating flooding.

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Testimony on S1333, Updating Shore Protection Master Plan

TYPE: Legislation


DESCRIPTION: Requires DEP to update Shore Protection Master Plan

POSITION: Support with amendments

TO: Senate Energy & Environment Committee

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Testimony on S1073, authorizing establishment of a Local Flood Reduction Fee

TYPE: Legislation


DESCRIPTION: Authorizes municipalities, counties, and certain authorities to establish stormwater utilities.

POSITION: Support with amendments

TO: Senate Energy & Environment Committee

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Environmental groups vary in grading Gov. Murphy's first 100 days

Murphy at the STOP Act bill signing

Environmental groups are varied in how they grade Gov. Phil Murphy on his first 100 days.

The New Jersey League of Conservation Voters Education Fund gave him an A-, while New Jersey Sierra Club graded him a C.

“Murphy has indeed delivered on some of his commitments including blocking offshore drillings, promoting environmental justice, and promoting offshore wind,” Sierra Club Director Jeff Tittel said in a press release.

But he said the administration also has cut the Department of Environmental Protection budget and is taking some of its surplus, and is still taking money from the Clean Energy Fund -- which is created through surcharges on utility customers' monthly bills -- for the general fund. 

In contrast, League of Conservation Voters Education Fund Executive Director Ed Potosnak said Murphy gets high marks, calling the first 100 days “a whirlwind of pro-environmental actions, propelling New Jersey back to a leadership position to become the greenest state in America.”

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New Jersey LCV Statement on the Clean Renewable Energy bill A3723/S2314: New Jersey to be back on list of greenest states of America

Solar panels

Ed Potosnak, Executive Director of New Jersey League of Conservation Voters, released the following statement on the passage of A3723/S2314 today:

“Last fall, voters overwhelmingly supported leaders who said they would stand up for New Jersey’s environment; today we saw real clean energy leadership. The Clean Renewable Energy Bill is a down payment on Governor Murphy’s commitment to 100% clean energy by 2050 and helps create thousands of good local jobs in the renewable economy....”

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Conservation Groups Voice Strong Support for Landmark Clean Energy Bill

Ed Potosnak, executive director of New Jersey League of Conservation Voters.

Trenton, NJ (April 5, 2018) – Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), New Jersey Conservation Foundation (NJ Conservation), New Jersey League of Conservation Voters (NJLCV), and ReThink Energy NJ voiced overwhelming support for the clean energy legislation (A3723/S2314) that was passed today by committees in the New Jersey State Senate and Assembly.

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Franklin Township: Results of FERC Draft Environmental Impact Statement Outrage Some Locals

FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP, NJ - The Williams' Northeast Supply Enhancement project reached a major milestone Friday, March 23, thanks to the release of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's draft Environmental Impact Statement

The NESE project would have “less than significant levels” of impact on the environment in Franklin Township, according to FERC. 

“This draft Environmental Impact Statement is a significant milestone for the project," Christopher Stockton, spokesperson for Williams/Transco said in a prepared statement. "Since this proposal was first introduced in 2016, we have worked diligently to identify potential environmental issues or concerns, incorporating adjustments to the project design to avoid or minimize impacts. We believe that the draft EIS positively reflects our efforts to collaborate with stakeholders to design this project in an environmentally responsible manner.”

Many local residents who have been paying close attention to the project would beg to differ.

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